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Additional information

This is a summary and does not constitute a contract. Actual terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions are detailed in the contract issued by GreenShield upon application approval.

Reimbursement will be made for eligible expenses incurred, paid for and received by the covered person provided such services and supplies are, in the opinion of GreenShield, medically necessary for the treatment of an illness or injury and reasonable and customary, taking all factors into account. Costs for medical services eligible for coverage under provincial health insurance plans will not be eligible for coverage under LINK or CORE plans.

For Quebec residents: To be eligible for LINK or CORE prescription drug coverage, you must be covered by the RAMQ Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec). Your prescription drug claims must be submitted to RAMQ first. When RAMQ reimburses a portion of the drug cost, unpaid balances (including co-payments and deductibles) will be co-ordinated so that you may be reimbursed up to 100% of the eligible expense incurred. If the drug is not covered by RAMQ, the standard co-pay applies.

Coverage amounts shown are in Canadian Dollars.

Benefits and rates are subject to change. GreenShield will provide policy owners with thirty (30) days written notice.