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Health Assist LINK Insurance Plans for CARP Members

Health Assist LINK plans make it easy to enjoy the benefits of a health insurance plan after your employee group benefits end. They’re specially designed for people who have recently lost (or will soon lose) employee benefits for reasons like:

  • Retirement
  • Shifting to part-time or working on contract
  • Switching to freelance
  • Job loss

Click below for a convenient PDF document that shows the coverage details for all LINK plans. You can browse or download and save for later.

All LINK plans include:

  • Guaranteed acceptance (no medical questions or exams!) as long as you apply within 90 days of your employee benefits ending, and GreenShield receives your initial payment
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions you may have
  • Coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, and registered specialists and therapists
  • Multi-trip emergency medical travel coverage
  • Semi-private or private hospital accommodation
  • 24/7 legal advice telephone service, toll-free from anywhere in Canada
  • Mobile-friendly online services
  • Change4Life® rewards program
  • No waiting periods – you can begin to use your benefits on your coverage effective date
  • Lifetime coverage*
  • Stellar customer service
*Benefits continue regardless of age or future changes in health as long as premiums are paid.

If you have questions or need advice about your health and dental insurance needs, give us a call at 1.833.537.CARP (2277). Our licensed representatives are always happy to help.